Foods for Diabetics

Good Food for Diabetics

Some of the best foods for diabetics are high fiber foods.  If you take lots of beans and vegetables you will have a highly nutritious diet.  You can get fiber in your whole grain bread, your beans, and certain fruits like apples.  The best drink for a diabetic is water because it detoxifies your system and is one of the most natural and pure drinks you can have.  One of the best foods for diabetics is sweet potatoes because unlike regular potatoes they are low in carbohydrates.  The sweet potato is also really healthy for you and has beta carotene.  The sweet potato is also very delicious too.  Grapes and apples are very good for the diabetic because grapes are a natural antioxidant and apples are high in fiber.  Broccoli is very good because it has vitamin C and selenium and it is also high in fiber.  Strawberries are another low carb fruit with good taste.  Another good food for diabetics is the blueberry.  It is a natural antioxidant.  Guacamole is a good substitute for high saturated fat because it is low in saturated fat and is a good source of the good fat- Monosaturated fat.  Tomatoes are the last source of good nutrition for your heart because it lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  All of these properties of Tomatoes makes them excellent for heart health.  In every good thing you should take moderation and use wisdom with everything you take in your body.  Blessings

Diabetes Help

Diabetic Solutions

Diabetics can be helped by taking various supplements.  The supplements that would help Diabetics are the following:  Omega three flax seed, fish oil, a b-12 vitamin, Magnesium, vitamin-D, and a multi-vitamin.  Now all of these would be a huge benefit to the Diabetic.  Dr. Vicki Griffin from lifestyle matters magazine advocates these things for a balanced approach to maintaining good health for the Diabetic.  All these things will help a Diabetic to have a very healthy and abundant life.  She also asked me to have my doctor to check the  C-reactive protein levels in my body to make sure they were level.  Flax seed and fish oil are good for the memory, b-12 is good for vegans because they may be lacking that particular vitamin in their special diet.  Magnesium is good for energy that Diabetics sometimes have less of.  Vitamin-D is also good for energy that northern states and places above the 37th parallel are lacking more of.  Diabetics will have good control if they maintain visits to their healthcare provider, and achieve a A1C below seven.  The tips that I discussed in this post are not to be substitute for your healthcare provider.  You will need to maintain contact with them for optimum health.  With proper education you can find that you will have better control and a more abundant life if you seek medical treatment and also seek to educate yourself on healthy living.  These are a few quick tips for getting good health long-term with Diabetes and maintaining a good, long and healthy life.

Diabetic Prevention

Five ways to prevent Diabetes

There are five ways to prevent Diabetes.  One way is to keep a regular routine of exercise.  I try to exercise after every meal.  Exercise after every meal will aid in digestion for Diabetics and everyone.  The second way to prevent Diabetes is proper diet.  Many people may go on crash diets and diets of fads, but to have a fast to prevent Diabetes is not the best.  Whole foods simply made and nutritious will aid in blessing you with good Diabetic prevention.  Preventing Diabetes is important in type two individuals.  Type two Diabetes may be prevented, but there is no known prevention of type one Diabetes.  The third way to prevent Diabetes is to get adequate rest.  Resting is important because intemperance in work makes a person stressed and stress is ruinous to the body and wears down the life faculties.  I mentioned some of these tips elsewhere in my articles but I’m emphasizing this because these tips are also good for prevention.  Prevention is the only cure for Diabetes currently so if you have risks of Diabetes in family or if you are older and overweight you may want to be balanced in your approach to life.  To have a successful health you will need to be balanced.  What I mean is you will need to have proper things that are good and abstain from the things that are bad.  To prevent Diabetes you need to also maintain trust in God.  With trust in God you will just be a stronger person for it.  It will have a telling influence on your life and everyone around you.  The final way to have good prevention is to stay educated on health.  When we know what is healthy for us we should do it.  Simply put be healthy.  When we do all of these things we should not get Diabetes type two.



Andrew Whitaker

Diabetic shopping list


There are ten things that are essential when you travel with Diabetes.  These ten items are keys to traveling health.  They are essential for your Diabetic shopping list.

Start with the Most Essential

The most essential thing to have with you when you leave for a trip is a good sugar.  This is important because sugars are hard to maintain in a plane or vehicle and you need to start off on the right foot.  If you check your sugar just before you leave it will be a benefit to you.  The second most important thing to have on your shopping list would be a sugar source.  The sugar source would be some Mentos or a juice box if you have a safe place to put it on the trip.  The third most essential item on your resource shopping list would be a Diabetic bag.  You need this very much also because you will probably need to check your sugar on your trip and implement changes to your sugar after it has gone too low or too high.

Less Essential Items

4.  You should have a fanny pack or some other thing to carry around your waist.  This will aid you in getting to sugar quickly and your meter and any extra cash you may need.  Many of the challenges of Diabetes is avoided with proper food, proper diet and adequate exercise.  5.  Another less essential item you may need is a cell phone.  Cell phones are handy because they can assist you in getting help if you need it or fall into an emergency.  6.  The third less essential item you may need is a glucagon kit.  This is less essential because many times you don’t need such a device, but in the case of an actual emergency you will need this kit and you will also need to get someone to help you at that point too.  7.  The fourth less essential item is only for insulin pump users.  If you use one you will actually need a site change and insulin.  I say a site change here because site changes are only done every three days and they are bulky.  If you aren’t going to be gone for an extended period of time you won’t be needing this.  Also if you aren’t on the insulin pump you won’t be needing this.


On a longer trip you need proper water.  Water will help you stay healthy and hydrated.  Another intangible is good shoes.  You need to take care of your feet properly because your feet tend to heal slower and have less circulation if your a diabetic.  The final intangible for trips would be a good bible.  Everyone needs a good bible.  Trust in God is an essential intangible that will aid in successful trips and happier lives.  Thanks for reading may you all be blessed is my prayer.

Diabetic Teamwork

Group Work

Diabetes is more challenging when you go at it alone so get help.  Join a group that walks together and talks together and spends time socializing together.  When you are with other people they can help you with motivation.  They can also help you with getting exercise.


The world is a lonely place at times and with a group of people centered around helping each other you may find that you can have better control.  If you have a chance to have a family of your own please do so.  A family unit is the best because it helps with the social needs of Diabetics it also helps with their low sugar and high sugar.  It also helps them get to the doctor’s office and get supplies.  All of these things can be helped by being in a group for a common cause or a family unit to assist in the everyday challenges of life.

Five reasons for teamwork

There are five reasons why I think a group of people is better for the Diabetic more than just one.  First Diabetics can have better control with a group of people.  Secondly, Diabetics will have better outlook on life if they have friends.  Thirdly, Diabetics will not be prone to die of low sugar if they have someone with them.  Fourthly, Diabetics will have better motivation like I mentioned earlier.  Fifthly, Diabetics will have better quality of life because the care that they will get will just be better.

Emergencies with Diabetes

Families are better because without them we can be quite lonely and troubled.  Without the family unit we are prone to not do the things we need to for proper Diabetes care.  Without good care from our families we can be prone to be bad Diabetics and die an early death.  It takes teamwork to maintain good Diabetic control.  Diabetes has its challenges, but with teamwork it can be controlled easier.  All members of the family should be shown what to do in a diabetic emergency and be responsible enough for the care of the Diabetic.  If the Diabetic goes into a coma the other family members should be trained to give a glucagon shot and to call 911.  Only in dire emergencies does that happen and with the other Diabetic tips in place glucagon should never be needed.  Just in case each family member should be taught to respond in an emergency well.  God bless.  Andrew Ryan Jin Whitaker

Diabetic Challenges…

Challenge Number One

There are many challenges to Diabetes, but the most challenging situation is having good sugars when you are traveling.  When traveling in a vehicle I make sure to have stops along the longer trips to make sure I have adequate exercise.  When you are sitting for long distances you need to challenge yourself with rest stops where you exercise.  Exercise helps you to keep those tricky blood sugars more stable.

The Second Challenge

The second thing to remember is to eat light.  Preferably something light because when you eat your sugars are likely to go high if you are just stationary.  So combine exercise with light eating and you will be able to maintain good sugars.  Remember to still give insulin for your sugars because the insulin makes sure your sugar can be metabolized properly.

The Third Challenge

The third challenge to Diabetes is that you need to eat healthy when you are on the road traveling.  Most places provide for a nutritional analysis chart.  If you can get it ask for it.  It will help the Diabetic to eat meals that they can give insulin for and also it could aid you in stopping eating junk food.  You may need to check your sugar more often if you don’t have an accurate Diabetic count for your meals.  What I mean by that is that if you don’t know how much insulin to give for your meals you may need to get extra blood sugar checks in so that you don’t go too high or too low.

Overall Care

I should talk a little about what to do if you have a high sugar and a low sugar.  If you have a high sugar you should give some insulin and you should exercise.  Exercise is a natural way to get your sugars lower.  It is the best method and if you lack motivation especially like I do you can always just do a small walk.  Walks will help sugars to go lower even if just a little bit.  If your sugars are low immediately get some juice.  Juice is the best kind of remedy for low sugar, but if you don’t have sugar with you like I sometimes don’t you can lower the insulin being given to you and immediately get help for your low sugar.  If you do these things you should be in good control to getting your sugars back in a healthy range.

A day in the life of a Diabetic

Extra Care

This is a journal of the life experiences of a Diabetic.  I wake up at 6:30am usually and have my devotional and pray.  I go to eat a healthy breakfast full of low sugar and whole grains.  I have a Diabetic pump that gives me insulin throughout the day.  I give myself a bolus after my breakfast to insure that I have good sugars.


After my breakfast I exercise to lower my blood sugar and maintain good control.  Next I go lay down for a while because I get tired in the morning.  Next, I eat lunch in the afternoon to make sure I keep my sugar in good control.  I make sure I have good control by doing a good bolus checking my sugar before lunch and exercising after I eat lunch.  The next thing I do is make sure I have good diet.  Healthy vegetables and fruits and whole grains.  I also make sure I have exercise after every meal.  Exercise is a key component in the life of a Diabetic.


The next thing I do is go off to work at the library.  At the library I do articles online.  They are to help people and be a blessing.  Next I go home and remind the people at my home what I need to have for supper and then I check my sugar before supper.  After I check my sugar before supper I make sure that I get a good exercise in and a bolus to cover my meal at supper.

There are only a few things I do to maintain good sugars.  These things are not easy to do though and take consistency and diligence.  After you have conquered these things to maintaining good sugars you will be set for a good Diabetic checkup.  A good Diabetic checkup will result in longer life and an abundant life.  With the things I showed you in a day in the life of a Diabetic we will be able to cope with Diabetes and lead to a healthy and successful life.

Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts on Diabetes.  I regulate my Diabetes by having a sugar source with me when I can and taking care to have my Diabetic meter with me so I can check my sugar when I’m away from home so that I can have good control when I’m away from the home.

Healthy Diabetic Recipes

Meals in Twenty Minutes or Less

Every good Diabetic loves to eat.  Here is some good simple meals for Diabetics.  In this article I will give you three good recipes that you can fix in twenty minutes or less.  Most people want fast meals that are healthy so God will help you with this aspect of life.

White Bean and Avacado Sandwiches:

Food takes preparation and the preparation for the first meal is the following:  1.  Place the spread ingredients in a blender or food processor.  Blend until smooth; adding water if needed to produce a thick but spreadable mixture.  2.  Divide the bean spread among the bread slices.  Top each piece of bread with avocado slices.  Garnish with the watercress leaves.  Now the following are the ingredients for the first delicious meal:  1 can 15 (oz) Cannellini beans drained and rinsed, 1 1/3 Tbsp. olive oil, 1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. fresh minced basil, 2 tsp. fresh minced oregano, 1 tsp. fresh minced thyme, 1 garlic clove minced, 1/4 tsp. Kosher salt, 4 slices whole wheat bread, 1 small avocado thinly sliced, 1/4 cup watercress leaf.

Moo Shu Vegetables:

The following recipe takes medium preparation to make and I hope you like it.  1.  Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat.  Remove to a plate.  2.  Wipe out the pan and heat the remaining 2 teaspoons oil over medium heat.  Add ginger and garlic and cook stirring until softened and fragrant.  (1 minute) Add  shredded vegetables, bean sprouts, half the sliced scallions, Braggs Amino.  stir to combine cover and cook stirring once or twice until the vegetables are just tender about 3 minutes add the Hoisin cook uncovered stirring and heat 1 to 2 minutes stir in the remaining scallions and remove from the heat.  3 tsps. toasted sesame oil, divided, 2 tsps minced fresh ginger, 2 cloves garlic, minced, 1 12(oz) bag shredded mixed vegetables such as Rainbow Salad or brocolli slaw, 2 cups mung bean sprouts, 1 bunch scallions, sliced, divided, 1 Tbsp. Braggs amino, 2 tbsp Hoisin sauce.

With these two meals you can achieve a very good diet based on healthy lifestyle.  Only through Christ can you get the best diet for your body.

P.S.  A final tip Braggs Amino is a sauce that is healthier than soy sauce, and Hoisin sauce may be found in the Asian section of supermarket or Asian market.  These menus are taken from online articles but remixed to suit a vegan diabetic diet Thanks God bless!

Am I a Diabetic? Here are some key symptoms

Diabetic Symptoms

Diabetes is a disease that is becoming more and more common.  Diabetes comes in many different forms and levels, but I will try to explain to you the common symptoms of Diabetes.

If you have Diabetes you will want to know that you have it.  To diagnose a disease like Diabetes you will want to go to a licensed professional.  Before you get to a licensed professional you will want to know if you have a serious illness or just a cold.

Common Signs of Diabetes

The common five signs of Diabetes are the following:  dizziness, fainting, frequent urination, frequent thirst, and increased tiredness.  The following symptoms might follow if the illness is untreated.  Common untreated signs are weakness, loss of weight, loss of muscle mass, throwing up, wetting bed  All of these symptoms are helped by proper control.  Only through a good diet, proper exercise and a careful care plan are people going to gain the best control of their lives and/or the lives of their loved ones.

If you have a pattern of symptoms you will know that you should go and get checked out.  Only through the abundance of wisdom and good health care professionals and good knowledge can you be secure to have a good Diabetic checkup and a great life full of abundance and health.  When we live a lifestyle of temperance and regularity we will have fewer symptoms of illnesses because God will be helping us to adjust to a world of trial.  Be of good courage with symptoms out of your control also.  The following are 5 symptoms that the American Diabetes Association is promoting:  Urinating often, feeling very thirsty, extreme fatigue, blurry vision, and cuts/bruises that are slow to heal.  All three sets come from respectable sources, my own knowledge of diabetic symptoms

P.S.  I hope this helps it has been a pleasure writing for the world and giving positive knowledge to the sick.  My prayer is that many people get helped and it in turn helps many more.  Blessings, Andrew Ryan Jin Whitaker

Managing Diabetes tips


Diabetes is a very difficult disease.  I wish I had all of the answers for Diabetes but I don’t.  I will just give a few of the tips for good Diabetes regulation.  I get below seven on all my recent diabetic A1C checkups.  These tips will help you regulate your sugars.

Type 1 Diabetes is the most severe type of Diabetes.  It requires you to regulate your sugars very closely.  Type 2 Diabetes is a type of Diabetes that can be regulated by diet.  Diet will help both types of Diabetes but type 1 Diabetes can’t be helped by just diet alone.

Some of the other factors in aiding Diabetics is exercise and insulin.  Insulin is a hormone that lowers your blood sugar by letting the sugar metabolize in the cell.  Insulin is recombinant DNA origin and has varying peak times.  It works best when used in conjunction with an exercise plan, proper diet, temperance, and regular checkups with your health care provider.

Juicing Works

One of the major things that the health care provider may not tell you is that the diet of the individual will greatly impact the overall health of the patient.  One of the things that would greatly help a Diabetic is juicing greens.  Juicing has been known to reduce cholesterol in individuals and improve health.  The original diet according to (Genesis 1:29) was an herb and fruit diet.

Testimony Time

In many different cases of type 2 Diabetes, individuals can get off medication if they would just eat a balanced diet and get healthy exercise.  Nathan Whitaker, a qualified CPA, uses protein and high-fiber to reduce sugars.  He also uses low carbs with no sugary drinks to reduce calorie and sugar intake.  Tommy Hines, a retired nurse anesthetist, really gained control by eating a plant based diet alone.  The later case is confirmed where type 2 Diabetes was cured by diet alone.

For Good Management

In order to have good management of type 1 Diabetes we need four things.  Like I mentioned earlier type 1 Diabetes is the most severe kind of Diabetes and we need a balanced approach to controlling it.  You should have regular exercise but only when you know your sugars are high enough where your sugar won’t fall too low.  Insulin should be given at regular intervals to keep the blood sugar from going to high and your health care provider will be able to help you with that.